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2D Galaxy Shooter

A space theme 2D shooter game created with Unity engine with C#.  This project has a more dynamic gameplay than my previous projects and also has more coding experiments in it.

The Room of Alchemist


The Room of Alchemist

A 2D point-and-click escape game based on the concept of alchemy's classic four elements with 100% original assets. This game is inspired by escape games during Flash's golden era and some modern escape games.

A Dark Room


A Dark Room

A demo of a level design project using Unity HDRP. It is intended to create a sinister and mysterious atmosphere. The assets are from GameDevHQ FIlebase.Music by Setuniman:


Turn-Based RPG Study

A study of turn-based RPG battle system. It was created using Unity with C# utilizing command pattern, finite state machine, and event system.

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